​The School Uniform is symbolic of the pride we have in our appearance and towards our school. It is school policy that all students in Years P to 6 wear the school uniform. Our uniform is aimed at upholding a reasonable standard of appearance for students and to contribute to a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment.

Dress Code:

Our school uniform is practical, inexpensive and recommended. Parents are requested to dress their children in our uniform at all times. Written permission must be sought should a student not be able to wear the uniform on any given day.

All students must wear the full school uniform (no coloured sports shirts) when classes leave the grounds for excursions, for sports carnivals, music workshops or when individuals or groups of students are representing our school.  All school leaders must adhere to the uniform policy at all times.

Gladstone Central State School P & C supports a student dress code for our school because it believes that a student dress code promotes objectives of Education (General Provisions) Act 2006. In particular, the P & C supports the intention of a student dress code in providing a safe and supportive teaching and learning environment by:

  • ready identification of students and non-students at school;
  • eliminating distraction of competition in dress and fashion at school;
  • fostering a sense of belonging;
  • developing mutual respect among students through minimising visible evidence of economic or social differences; and
  • adhering to workplace, health and sun safety requirements.

Boys and Girls Uniform:

Shirts: Aqua-Marine polo shirt or coloured sports polo shirt with embossed collar and school logo.

Shorts: Maroon shorts with school logo

Trousers: Maroon slacks for winter wear

Jacket: Maroon windcheater, cardigan or jumper (no hoods)

Socks: Plain white sport socks

Tights: girl are permitted to wear maroon tights for winter

Footwear: Safety considerations demand plain black joggers (no slip-ons, black laces only)

Hats: Full-brimmed maroon hat (reversible which incorporates the house colour with house colour visible on Wednesday, Friday or sporting days only)

Sports shirts (red, green or yellow t-shirt with embossed collar and school logo) are permitted on Wednesday's or Friday's of each week only. They can also be worn on school sports carnival day.


The only articles of jewellery that are permitted to be worn with the school uniform are earrings for pierced ears, and watches.

  • Only matching plain small studs or sleepers, gold or silver only, may be worn one in each ear lobe in the lower hole. Studs with stones or sleepers with twisting or thickenings are not acceptable.
  • Tongue studs and visible body piercing are not allowed.

Medical bracelets, religious or culturally significant pieces can be worn by applying to the Principal on the 'Permission to Wear Form'.

Hair should be neat and tidy. It is preferable that long hair is tied back to decrease the spread of nits. Please refrain from extreme cut and styles to ensure that our safe and supportive learning environment is maintained. Hair colours are only to be used on Crazy Hair or Athletics Day and must be washed out prior to the next school day.

Headbands, scrunchies, ribbons or hair ties should be in the school colours of aqua blue or maroon. Headbands with protusions such as ears are not allowed. All hair styles should allow for the school hat to be worn.

Rings, nail polish, varnish or artificial coverings on fingernails are not allowed.

Permanent tattoo's, including Henna, are not allowed. Temporary tattoo's maybe worn on Free Dress or Athletics Days and must be washed off prior to the next school day.

Make up of any sort is not permitted.

Free Dress Day or Camp Uniform:

Students participating in uniform free days should ensure that they wear appropriate sun-safe clothing that includes shirts with collars, covered back, mid-thigh length shorts, closed-in shoes and no inappropriate wording on clothes. No singlet style tops or short shorts or skirts are permitted. Hoodies are not allowed.

School excursions or sporting fixtures

Parents are requested to dress their children in the full blue school uniform (no coloured sports shirts) when classes leave the grounds on excursions for sport sports carnivals or when individuals or groups of students are representing our school. Students may be excluded from these activities if they are not dressed appropriately.

Consequences for Non Compliance with the Student Dress Code

In the case of students’ persistent failure to observe the Student Dress Code, developed under section 360 of the Act, the following action(s) may be taken:

  • Students may be offered appropriate items from the bank of uniforms held at the school, to be returned at the end of the day (this is dependent on the items that are available at the time)
  • A letter will be sent home reminding parents of the Student Dress Code
  • Students who repeatedly disregard the Student Dress Code may be withdrawn from school functions/excursions/special activities
  • Students will be asked to remove items that are not part of the school uniform upon sight by a Teacher/Deputy/Principal. Non-uniform items will be sent to the office and returned at the end of the day for 1st occurrence or end of week for 2nd and end of Term for 3rd occurrences.

Uniform Shop Hours​​

The GCSS P&C manage and operate the Uniform Shop. 

Orders can be placed via Qkr! & close weekly Wednesday 5PM, with delivery to students classrooms every Thursday

Located next to the Tuckshop, the shop is open every Thursday from 08:15 AM - 9:00AM for fitting or uniform pick ups.

For all inquiries please contact:​

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Last updated 14 June 2021