Our school


Built on tradition, ready for the future

Built on tradition, ready for the future drives Gladstone Central State School, it reflects our values and beliefs about education and community. Our school teachers are committed to ensuring that all our students achieve success through: 

getting the basics right by:

  • providing a positive, supportive approach to education using consistent language and maintaining clear goals and expectations by:
  • providing a formal curriculum where higher order thinking, explicit teaching and individual support are integrated;
  • tracking and celebrating student success;
  • having students working at levels appropriate to their needs.

and developing students as people by:

  • maintaining curriculum and pedagogy which is relevant and negotiated;
  • creating positive and open relationships between staff, students and parents;
  • respecting and reflecting each student’s individuality and diversity.

who are prepared for the future, and strive to succeed by:

  • providing flexible pathways that develop and enhance life, problem solving and risk taking skills;
  • Engaging students in higher order thinking;
  • providing an integrated, uncluttered curriculum which is based on real life to achieve life-long learning;
  • taking responsibility for collective purposes.

and involved in promoting an active community by:

  • promoting whole school activities;
  • learning in a variety of community settings;
  • promoting community awareness of school successes through a variety of media;
  • providing a welcoming atmosphere for students, teachers, parents and the wider community;
  • developing curriculum which is responsive and understood by the community.

About us

Gladstone Central State School was established in 1861 as the first school in Gladstone. Our school now occupies a central position in the city, close to the central business district.

Our school services a wide community comprising the city area, inner residential suburbs and the wider community. 42% of our current enrolments are drawn from outside our school catchment area. The relatively small student population in comparison to other local schools is often cited by parents as a reason for choosing to enrol their child at our school.

Our physical location in the city provides our students with easy access to a variety of community resources and extra curricula activities for our students.

The population is a heterogeneous mix in terms of combined family income and education.  The nature of the employment cycles in Gladstone as a major port and industrial centre means that at our school there is a core group of long term residents mixed with significant levels of itinerants.

Our school has an active parent group who assist in the strategic direction setting for our school and as parent volunteers in our classrooms. Our school community, as individuals and as a group, supports and encourages the adoption of the values and beliefs of our school.

Last reviewed 01 July 2020
Last updated 01 July 2020